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Welcome to Enjoy! Software.

I'm currently working on the site, but there will be great things coming your way soon, so check back often.  The site will be divided between business (I am a software engineering consultant) and personal.  Automotive, bluegrass, and martial arts are my hobbies and I want to devote part of this site to spiritual and faith-based issues.

For now, please check out a few pictures from my current project.

This is my 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II that was my first car when I was in high school. I bought it from my Dad when I was 16 (1974) , and he bought it new in 1966 (his first new car). I sold it in 1983 and found it again in 2008 on eBay Motors and I bought it back (it was never driven after I sold it). It has been undergoing restoration for 3 years and it is almost done. I will post complete documentation when I get the time.